What is Life Floor?

Life Floor is a 24 “x 24” (60.96 cm x 60.96 cm) foam rubber tile (EVA) designed for use in the aquatic environment more specifically when there is bare-foot circulation.

Why Life Floor?

We believe that floors should be superb, comfortable and safe even when wet. Life Floor is ideal for swimming pools, aquatic play areas, showers and any surface exposed to water.


Life Floor tiles are non-slip without being abrasive. If someone falls, our built-in damping will minimize injuries and scratches.


Life Floor tiles are soft to the feet. No matter how you are on the tiles, they are cushioned to make your life more comfortable.


Life Floor is ideal for creating beautiful, personalized surfaces. With several choices of colors and textures, it is possible to create a unique environment.


Life Floor is commonly used as a surface for (but not limited to) pool platforms, splash pads, locker rooms, showers, zero depth entrances and underwater applications.


For each application, Life Floor offers a 5-year warranty for normal wear on a 3/8 “tile and a 3-year warranty on a 3/16” tile. In more busy areas (250,000 or more annual users), the warranty is 2 years.

A wide range of colors

Different installations have different color requirements. That’s why Life Floor has an array of color choices. If you create a soothing spa environment or a dynamic water park, we know that we have a color that you will like.

Different textures

Life Floor is available in four natural textures. The texture “Ripple” has the highest traction rate when wet.


The “slate” texture imitates natural stone, adding classic style to your pool decks, bathrooms, showers, and walkways. Now with MicroTread ™ for better traction.


The “ripple” texture makes aquatic environments more fun and safe. Popularly used in aquatic applications such as splash decks, zero-depth entries, slide pads, and around water jet.

Rustic Board

Add rustic elegance to pool decks, patios, stairs, slide towers, and docks, without chips.

Wood Grain

“Wood grain” offers easy customization for designs that require a wood texture without the pre-existing grooves in the “rustic board” texture.

Different thicknesses

Life Floor is available in three layers. Thicker tiles have greater damping and a critical drop height.


The most economical tile, ideal for stairs and areas with low traffic.


The 3/8″ tile has a critical drop height of 1′-0″. Ideal for splash pads, zero-depth entries and other aquatic areas.


The 7/8″ tile has a critical drop height of 4′-0″. Ideal for play areas with small children and small children, we also recommend the use of 7/8″ tiles at the bottom of the slides and around the game modules.


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